Flavors of the Month


Happy Thanksgiving Month! This month you have two "Cupcake Wars Winners" to choose from! Enjoy!


Blonde Bombshell

Boston Cream

Caramel and Cream

PB&J (Cupcake Wars Winner)

Maple Walnut


Triple Chocolate 

Peanut Butter Cup

Chocolate Lava

Hot Chocolate 

Cookies and Cream

Black and White Tuxedo

S'mores (Cupcake Wars Winner)


Baileys Irish Cream


Pecan Pie

French Toast and Bacon

Pumpkin Spice

Red Velvet

Pumpkin Cheesecake Swirl

Pecan Praline

Pumpkin Roll

*Monthly flavors are based on what will be available on the cupcake bar during this month. Please feel free to order other flavors based on our ordering guide.