Founded on Faith

The Sweet Shoppe was founded on FAITH by friends Nikki Kaylor and Susan Catron! A chance encounter landed the two Georgia girls in a long conversation about the passion they both shared for being in the kitchen. With Nikki growing up in her grandmother's kitchen making chocolate candies with all the women of the family, and Susan baking homemade cakes and frostings alongside her mother, spurred each to pursue their dream of one day owning a shop where others could enjoy their God-given talents of baking.

As a result, the chocolate world and baking world came together on May 11th, 2011 to form The Sweet Shoppe of the South, where you can buy fresh, made from scratch, gourmet desserts, served with a healthy portion of Southern hospitality.

And we were on Food Network's Cupcake Wars, y'all! Click on the button below to learn more!

About Us

"My grandmother gave me her baking secrets."


Mmmmmm I can smell it now!

EVERYDAY as I would step off the school bus at my grandmothers house the aroma of supper (as we say in the south) would slap me in the face! 

I can close my eyes and see the women of my family gathered in her kitchen laughing while they rolled out the last batch of chocolate covered coconut cherries! 

And Oohhh what I wouldn’t give to sit down and eat supper in her kitchen one more time with all my family! That’s how I grew up! 

We all had separate houses, but we gathered at my grandparents house everyday for supper.

My grandmother LOVED it!

I contribute so much of my love for entertaining to my grandmother because that is who she was. She was the most selfless person I know and as a child it amazed me. I don’t remember ever saying I wanted to be like her, but somewhere in my make up I guess it was just always there.


I love to make people happy and what better way to do that than with food, especially DESSERT! 

Fast forward 20 years to the sounds of sifting flour and boiling pots, that’s my life! 

My life is centered around food! 

From homecooked meals, Saturday night entertaining and, of course, The Sweet Shoppe of the South!! I LOVE it! 

I get more pleasure out of watching someone take the first bit of a meal I’ve prepared or a creamy cheesecake from the shoppe! I watch their eyes, it tells the true story! 

And then you hear it…………"mmmmmmm that’s amazing.” SCORE!!!!!!!! I know it sounds crazy, but to me there really is nothing more satisfying! I guess I really was designed that way!!!

"I guess you could say I was born to bake."


I guess you could say I was born to bake. 

Being part of a large family, (there are five of us kids), our lives were centered around food, but family was the most important thing in our household. 

We would celebrate birthdays, Friday night football games, promotions, good grades, etc., by cooking up everyone's favorite meal, at our dining room table. 

We would sit down, my daddy would pray and we would fellowship as a family as we devoured the homemade meal. 

The family that eats together, stays together...and that's a fact!

But what everyone looked forward to the most was DESSERT!

No southern table would be complete without a fresh lemon merengue pie and my mama made the BEST! 

She rimmed the outside edge with Vanilla Wafers, so as she served it, she would ask how many crackers do you want? 

Most of us would get two, but my daddy always had to have three or sometimes four, and would end dinner by saying "I'm full as a tick!"