Yummy Bites!



When you cross a donut and a crossiant, what do you get? A cronut of course! A flakey doughy little piece of heaven! But we don't stop there, once we bake them we open them up and stuff them a light and fluffy cream filling and then garnish them with chocolate or caramel or maybe some type of fruit topping! Trust me, you want to try these!!! 

Cinnamon Rolls


What can really say about the perfect breakfast pastry! Over stuffed with dough, cinnamon sugar mixture and cream cheese frosting is where it's at! Order them by the dozens, as so many others do!!! 

Ooey Gooey Bars


"So what are they?" Is the question of the day! Well they are the most wonderful paring of cake and cheesecake! A cake base and a cheesecake topping baked together and topped with icing, ganache or a simple powdered sugar! These amazing bars come on several different flavors: 

Vanilla  Birthday Cake


Double Chocolate 

Red Velvet 

Caramel Apple (seasonal)

Pumpkin Praline (seasonal)

Caramel & Chocolate Pretzels


Delicious caramel and chocolate are paired perfectly with crisp, salty pretzels!


Key Lime Pie

Chocolate Cream Pie

Pecan Pie

Pumpkin Pie

Specialty Holiday Pies (seasonal)

Chocolate Covered Bacon


There are truly no words for this delicious bacon-chocolate combination!



The Sweet Shoppe's take on this scrumptious Italian favorite is a must-have!

Hot Chocolate


The perfect drink for a chilly winter day!