Frequently Asked Questions


I bet you get up really early to bake all this?

Actually our bakers come in at a fairly early time of the morning to start the bake. Over the years we have tracked our numbers and we actually know very close to the exact amount to bake now days! 

Do you really bake everything from scratch?

Actually that’s one of the things we take so much pride in! When you take pride in your products like we do, it shows and you can taste it! 

How many cupcakes do you bake on a daily basis?

Honestly it all depends on the day and the time of year! For instance, the month of October and I mean the ENTIRE month, we bake somewhere around 1000-1300 cupcakes a day! But during January it goes down to about 200-350 a day! Plus all of our other baked goods are trying to compete with our cupcakes and sometimes they win. Now days it seems we bake less cupcakes than we use to but cupcakes are and will always be king! 

Do you offer any gluten free options?

Actually yes we do! (First and foremost we always give the disclaimer that we are not a gluten free kitchen and we do not take responsibility for any gluten allergies.)

-French Macarons are automatically gluten free due to their almond flour and egg whites base. Sometimes we do add cookies to them so please always ask if you are not sure.  

-Chocolate Caramel Apples are also automatically gluten free.

-Oddly enough our cheesecake batter is also gluten free but of course we use a Graham cracker, cupcake or other base which makes it not. You may order these as gluten free and we will be happy to switch it to a gluten free base. (All cheesecakes are baked in the same pans as non gluten free cheesecakes) 

-Cupcakes, who could forget those. They can also be ordered as gluten free. Because we bake from scratch it's easy to change to a gluten free flour and still use our same recipe. You're welcome! 😊 

(Cupcakes are baked in the same pans as non gluten free cupcakes) 

-Cakes are just a larger version of our cupcakes so order them gluten free as well! (Cakes are baked in the same pans as non gluten free cakes) 

Do you ship?

No actually the freshness of our products does not allow us to ship! 

Questions about Cupcake Wars

We get the most questions about Cupcake Wars and actually love telling the story. We also enjoy taking pictures and watching your faces light up when you are asking. So we have dedicated an entire page on our website to answer some of your most ask questions. Enjoy!