We won Cupcake Wars!

How it all went down............


Susan surprised Nikki with news that they were offered the opportunity to compete on Food Network's "Cupcake Wars!" 

So just three months after opening The Sweet Shoppe of the South, they were headed to Hollywood! 

Little did they know, but they were going on the ride of their lives!

Lights, Camera, Action!!!

Nikki and Susan battled their way all the way to the last round! But despite their best efforts, they came in second and went home with heavy hearts!

 But as we all know, the story doesn't end there...

Ring! Ring! Ring!

 The VERY next day after the show aired, Food Network was calling offering the girls another opportunity to be on the show!

They needed more of their southern hospitality and delicious cupcakes, y'all!

So, Nikki and Susan packed up and left again for Hollywood, California  - again! They knew it would be an exhausting, fun, exciting and possibly heart wrenching competition, but they were up to the challenge!

 Can you say, SWEET REDEMPTION!!!

Once again, Nikki and Susan made it to the last round and, knowing just how sure they were the last time (but didn't come home with the victory) they were scared, but very confident in their cupcakes! 

And guess what, WE WON Y'ALL!!!! 

Those were the words printed on the banner made by City of Blue Ridge, GA, which displayed in town after the airing of the show in September of 2012!

To say the girls were happy was definitely an understatement! 

Their win was an amazing testimony of how hard work, determination and the ability to keep going pays off!

 As you enter The Sweet Shoppe of the South today, you will see both Nikki and Susan baking and selling their goods. 

They are still slinging batter! And still offer up their delicious baked goods with a side of the same southern hospitality that America came to love after their national debut! After all, that's their specialty!

They love their customers and look forward to sharing all the sweet details of their amazing experience on Cupcake Wars with them! 

So the next time you stop in, ask them about it!

But until then enjoy the audition video that first landed them on TV......... it's hilarious!

Also, check out their Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions below

Our Audition Video for Food Network's Cupcake Wars!

1. What were your winning flavors?

 Lemon Raspberry, PB&J, S'mores and Carrot Cake

2. Where did you film the show?

Los Angeles, CA

3. What did you win? 

We won $10,000 dollars

4. What was the theme?

The first episode was LaBoheme

(Opera about an Italian Love Story)

Our winning episode was the first Hotel Transylvania movie, an animated Adam Sandler movie.

5. Is it as stressful as it looks?

UUUUUMMMMMM YES! Honestly, its harder than it looks. Cameras in your face and people everywhere makes for a stressful environment.

6. What year did you win?

We competed in February and September of 2012. 

Our winning episode was September, 2012.

7. How did you get picked to be on the show? 

Cupcake Wars posted on Facebook that they were looking for the next season's competitors. Susan, having a marketing degree, sent an email that caught their eye. They asked us to create an audition video and well......the rest is history!

They called us back for the second episode. They said they enjoyed our energy!

8. Did you take your own ingredients?

No. The show allowed us to go shopping for the ingredients we needed. Besides, who wants to carry sugar and flour on plane with them across the country???

9. Did anyone else get to go with you? 

Nope, just two country bumpkin girls on a crazy adventure together!

10. Would you do it again?


The amount of attention Cupcake Wars gave, not only to the Sweet Shoppe of the South, but the entire town was amazing! We would be on a plane in the morning if they still filmed the show! 

(Secret: They had already asked us to come back for the next season of Cupcake Wars when they called to say the show was not being picked up again for another season.)  

This is the only picture they would allow us to take on set of Cupcake Wars!

This is the only picture they would allow us to take on set of Cupcake Wars!