Gourmet Chocolate Covered Caramel Apples


Local Granny Smith Apples

What better start to our amazing chocolate caramel apples than a beautiful, crisp and perfectly tart granny smith apple!! Washed, dried and sticked by hand helps ensure the freshness of each apple! 


Made from Scratch Caramel

Once these beauties are ready and prepped we gather the finest raw ingredients and hand craft the best tasting caramel you have ever tasted! Yes, it's really that good!!! 


Introducing the Caramel Apple

 Sometimes we stop at just the caramel! It's the perfect paring of the tart apple and sweeat caramel and it's absolutely delicious!!! You just have to try it!!! 


TA DA!!! Chocolate Covered Caramel Aples

But most of the time we keep going and add what some people would call the best part, CHOCOLATE! We dunk our already amazing gourmet apples into a thick layer of milk or white chocolate and then we give it a beautiful drizzle detail just to dress it up a little!!! 


So there you have it! One of the most popular creations at The Sweet Shoppe of the South! We take pride in these little beauties as they are not only the best around but they are also a labor of love! So when our awesome customers eat them and tell us how amazing they are, well let's just say, that's why we do what we do!!!